What can we offer and why choose us?

Lyons Electrical & Security Ltd can offer you complete reassurance on any domestic (home) smoke alarm installation or commercial fire alarm installation, starting from a free site survey and design process, following through to the installations packages we offer and finally our routine service checks and maintenance packages. We benefit from holding the relevant qualifications required and the knowledge to spec any size of fire or smoke detection system. We are trained to follow the safety standards of BS 5839:1 & BS 5389:6.

For smaller domestic systems we also benefit from being approved Aico installers which are the leading brand in fire detection systems for the domestic setting, which can cover any premises up to 200m square. We carry out training packages with Aico on a regular basis to ensure we are kept up to date with the latest regulations and the latest products.

Why are smoke alarms and fire detection systems important?

Simple answer… They save lives! Without any detection system installed, whether commercial or domestic, in the unfortunate event of a fire you could be unaware. With the correct system installed and the aid of Smoke, Heat, Multi sensors, Sirens, Bells, Call points Etc, you are speeding up the chances of safely vacating the premises before causing any risk or danger to your life or others. As well as the risk to life. With the fire being detected sooner rather than later, the emergency services can be notified sooner therefore potentially meaning less damage to the property and other property in close proximity.

Do domestic and commercial systems require servicing or testing?

It is as important to have the system serviced as it is to have the system installed. A fire alarm system that is not well maintained and may potentially have a fault is as bad as not having a system installed in the first place. These systems are electronic and like most devises can develop faults over a period of time. If the system is not checked regularly by a competent qualified engineer you are putting yourself and others in danger, and in addition may void any insurance products for the premises.

A quick simple check for any domestic property is to press and hold the “T” Test button once a week. If your alarm (Or alarms if linked) sound then this is a good indication they are working. We also advise to keep the smoke alarms clean and free from dust or smoke. Another tip is to check the date on the alarms. Typically now alarms are sealed with a 10 year life span and should be replaced by a competent person before they reach end of life.

For the commercial & industrial premises these should be checked every 6 months and usually on the same visit the emergency lighting would be checked also with a 3 hour discharge. It is important a log of all service records and repairs is kept safely for future viewing and reference. Our engineers are well experienced in Designing, Installing, Commissioning, & servicing all Fire alarm systems.