Why upgrade your existing Consumer Unit?

Your consumer unit (fuse box) is the main safety device protecting you as the end consumer from any shock or potential faults that may occur when there is a potential electrical issue.

Although your current consumer unit may have offered adequate protection when it was installed, sadly regulations do change frequently and the current safety devices available on the market can ensure you are protected and kept safe in your home environment.


You may have heard of RCD protection or MCBS (Trip switch). You could have had a home survey as part of a property purchase and on the report it may say “Consumer unit does not offer MCB OR RCD protection?” Well this refers back to your consumer unit!

Any new electrical installation now in the domestic field has to offer RCD protection. Whereas before for certain installations this was not mandatory, it is now. This does not make your previous installation unsafe, however we would advise you have an EICR carried out to highlight any potential issues before having a new consumer unit installed. An RCD is a sensitive safety device that switches off electricity automatically in the event of a fault.

An RCD is designed to protect against the risks of electrocution and fire caused by earth faults. An RCD can come in various styles and be adapted to fit many different installations.

What do we recommend?

Should you have any concerns regarding your existing consumer unit or simply want to ask for an experts opinion as to whether or not your consumer unit is safe or may require upgrading, then please get in touch and one of our engineers would be more than happy to assist.

When Lyons Electrical & Security Ltd provide you with an estimate there are various different types of consumer unit upgrades we can offer to fit your budget.